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Integrated Management Information System of parking operation in urban areas and integration of virtual parking payment methods (SMS, e-payment, m-payment…)

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PSC MOBILESOLUTIONS is the high-tech company & leading m-parking solution specialist. Our PARKING solutions serves both Cities and Parking operators with a more cost efficient way to collect parking fees , manage parking operations and serve motorists though several means of convenient services.

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We have now served >1M customers and grow steadily. We boast a 100% customer satisfaction which we are proud

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+50 software developers
+50 system engineers

Our PARKING SOLUTIONS are building the first fully integrated parking management ECO-SYSTEM enabling parking operators ( public or private ) to introduce mobile phone and other innovative VIRTUAL PAYMENT MEANS to their existing or completely new parking systems, and to MANAGE their operation on all types of parking facilities ( on-street, off-street, garages, gated parkings etc)

We have implemented SMS4Parking® system and services in the City of St.Mande four years ago and since than more and more people are accepting it as their daily routine. It is more convenient than any other mean of parking payment
Mr. Jean-Claude Arrignon
CEO, St.Mande-France
With the SMS4Parking® system, Subotica today has municipal order. We have managed to practically redesign the city’s outlook, and at least in terms of parking Subotica today is a truly European city.
Mr.Atila Kikic
GM, Subotica-Serbia
Nicosia, the capitol of the Republic of Cyprus is using variety of m:parking applications and services of SMS4Parking® platform since 2009. Complete process of parking payments and parking enforcement are covered with these services, providing maximum efficiency in the parking management
Mr.Dragan Bulajic
CEO, Nikosia-Cyprus
After introduction of SMS4Parking® - new system of parking payment and enforcement, efficiency of our parking collection and work of wardens was substantially increased
Mr. Branimir Papic
GM, Banja Luka - BiH


Mission of the company PSC MOBILE SOLUTIONS  is offering quality services and response to customers’ requests, which is achieved by constant improvement in the training of the staff, improvements in the organization and implementation of the quality management principles.


Vision of the company PSC MOBILE SOLUTIONS  is reaching the leading positions in the segments of the market covered with our field of work.

Why to work with us ?

Years of experience in implementing projects in the field of parking services in all stages, from production to study documentation of project implementation and system maintenance
Strict application of quality management principles
Successful management of the tasks entrusted to technical and human resources
Protected and proven product and solutions
Unique knowledge base and experience rating system
Unique references
Continuous improvement of products
Competent and creative team
Persistence in the market


Vladimir Džodžo, MSc Traffic engineering & logistics

e-mail: vladimir.dzodzo@sms4parking.com

Željko Zlatković, MSc electronic engineering



e-mail: zeljko.zlatkovic@sms4parking.com

Radmila Ilić, BSc Economics



e-mail: radmila.ilic@sms4parking.com

Dušan Drašković, BSc Traffic & Transportation engineering

Sales Engineer



Saša Kurtović, ICT engineer

Tech Support