Digital Parking Permits

Digital Parking Permits Module supports ordering, issuing, recalling and monitoring of virtual permanent parking permits issued to residents or privileged drivers qualified by rules defined by parking operators. Parking permits are granted to qualified users.

Users with Virtual Parking Permits can park in certain time period and in particular zones without paying additional parking fees. Permits are issued for single user identified by his LPN.

Parking Permits Module coordinates all common activities in support to virtual permit approval process:

  • Virtual Permit request management – requests for virtual permits can be issued either through Parking Cashier module (park shop) or through public web interface
  • Approval process management – permit approval is multi-step process requiring collection of different documents and certificates (e.g. from police, municipality, parking operator etc.)
  • Virtual Parking Permit life cycle management, including alerting system for customers (for permits that require renewal)
  • Back-office is closely tied to Cashier module that supports selling permits in parking operator offices, as well as to web interface that supports on-line purchasing of permits.

It also provides mechanisms to support validity control – to provide data for Pocket PC control.