Parking Enforcement

Our platform provides very efficient control of parking processes based on the latest communication technologies. Parking attendants are connected to PARKING databases via PDA or a cellular phone ( Android or web app ) and through a Bluetooth technology with or without wireless micro printer. All the data is transmitted via GPRS in a matter of seconds from the time the controller typed the car’s registration plate number.


The information that is send back will show whether there is a paid fee for this particular car and if so when it will expire, In the case the parking fee was never paid or it expired the controller may issue or print the parking fine.

Further more our PDA APPS is also used by the parking authorities to check the work of its controllers (i.e. how many cars were checked, how many ticket issued) thus providing for a measurable control of the activities of each controller contributing to their increased (and measurable) productivity.

Wheel clamps & towing services management systems

For the purpose of the efficient PARKING ENFORCEMENT we have developed specialized software solutions for the automatization and management of the wheel clamping and towing services