SMS4Parking® guidance – sensor free parking guidance system

SMS4Parking® guidance  integrated a unique sensor-free parking guidance system that monitor occupancy of each individual parking space  with High accuracy levels, and provides these informations to our customers in our mobile application.  We are building  special parking occupancy monitoring infrastructure with parking operators. Both the parking bay status and the duration of occupancy are monitored and displays through our applications and services.

Our parking guidance directs drivers  to the closest available parking spots.

Real-time parking guidance:

  • Access rates, hours, address, and more for real-time and static locations
  • Voice guidance (audible queue when parking is nearby)
  • Search by points of interest/address
  • Most recent search locations automatically saved for future access
  • Autofill search bar
  • Toggle between availability/price
  • Pay for parking with SMS or CC
  • Set a timer to alert when your time is about to expire
  • Directions back to your car

In terms of investment, our parking guidance systems are much more afordable than other similar. Also, time of delivery is substentialy shorter.